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I have combed through hundreds of different apps, books, and programs over the years. I’m quite particular when it comes to learning a foreign language and I don’t have time for BS or fluff. That’s why you won’t find Rosetta Stone on this list. I have tested and approved of all of these.

Useful Mobile Apps


I’ve been using this app for a long time. Great for short study sessions on the run. Completely free to use! Download Now


This free app was introduced to me by a Swedish friend in Japan. Convenient and great for practicing with real people. Completely Free to use! Download Now

Innovative Language 101

These guys have a great selection of languages that aren’t found in many other apps. I am using it for Mandarin. Download Now

Recommended Books

This is the best book for learning Japanese. Period. One of the only textbooks I have bought that was worth the price.

I’m including this Latin book because it is the one I used in university. I really enjoyed it. It follows the life of the Roman poet Horace.

If you would prefer to learn Chinese with  a textbook, this is the one you want. You can choose either simplified Chinese (China) or traditional (Taiwan, Singapore, et al.)

Remembering the Kanji is the best book there is for learning Kanji, the Japanese system of writing based on Chinese. Learning Kanji is a pain in the ass but this book makes it SO MUCH easier.

This book is one of the best bargains ever. It is perfect for reference. I give this as a gift to friends who are learning Spanish. I also have the German, French, and Italian versions.

This book is great. I still return to it from time to time for dialogues to practice in the shower. If you’re interested in Turkish, this is a good place to start.

Recommended Software

Coming Soon…

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