my life list | tao of grant

This is My Life List.

What is it?

It’s a list of activities or achievements that I will accomplish before my 40th birthday on October 27th, 2027. Some of them are easy, some are difficult, some will cost a lot of money, some I will hopefully get paid for. They are 100% mine, though.


To give a purpose to my life and to this blog (other than my random quandaries). For the next ten years of my life, they are going to be my driving purpose. For each one that I cross off, I will write a blog post about the experience.

So here it is… My Life List (in no particular order).

  1. Circumnavigate the globe without flying
  2. Ride a motorcycle from Argentina to the United States
  3. Speak French Fluently
  4. Speak Spanish Fluently
  5. Speak Russian Fluently
  6. Speak Chinese Fluently
  7. Build a Profitable Business
  8. Write a Novel
  9. Swim with Great White Sharks
  10. Learn to Scuba Dive (I’ll def do this BEFORE #8)
  11. Go Skydiving
  12. Live in New York City
  13. Live in Paris
  14. Live in Istanbul
  15. Walk the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trail
  16. Walk the Camino de Santiago again
  17. Climb a large mountain like Mt. Ranier
  18. Complete a Marathon
  19. Attain 6 pack abs
  20. Take the Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia
  21. Stay with Nomads in Mongolia
  22. Win a Judo Competition
  23. Learn to make Indian curry
  24. Learn to make authentic Sichuan food
  25. Become debt free
  26. Volunteer for a project in Africa
  27. Donate $1000 (or more) to Doctors Without Borders (my fav charity)
  28. Give a Toast at a Wedding
  29. Eat Pho in Vietnam
  30. Visit the Somme Battleground
  31. Visit Iran
  32. Learn to Salsa and compete in 1 competition
  33. Take my Dad to a baseball game
  34. Read Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  35. Learn to Surf
  36. Perform Stand-up Comedy
  37. Host SNL
  38. Star in a movie
  39. See the Grand Canyon
  40. Host a truly EPIC party
  41. Quit my job and burn my ties
  42. Try BDSM
  43. Go back to Florence and buy my Dad a new leather wallet
  44. Complete a Tough Mudder
  45. Find the woman of my dreams and marry her.