How to Work and Travel the World (4 Methods)

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how to work and travel the world

One of the biggest questions I get asked online and in person is how I can afford to travel and live abroad for long periods of time. In this article, I will show you how to work and travel the world plus give you the resources so that you can do it, too. If you want to save up $15k … Read More

How to Find Cheap Flights in 5 Steps

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how to find a cheap flight

  How To Find Cheap Flights So You Never Have to Spend Another Vacation At Home. Ever wonder how some people can fly around the world and still have money to do fun stuff? If so, this article is for you. In this article, I am going to show you how to find cheap flights so you can save hundreds … Read More

6 Easy Ways To Boost Your Productivity

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Let’s face it. Being productive day in and day out can be really hard, especially if you are working at a job you don’t like. The good news it is you can boost your productivity today by making these 6 easy tweaks. 1. Take Off Your Headphones Hear me out on this. I know it is a shocking thing to … Read More

How to Easily Learn a Foreign Language

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how to easily learn a foreign language

Learning A foreign Language is Much Easier than You Think! What is one foreign language you would love to learn but haven’t yet? I put that question up on Facebook the other day and I think it was one of my most popular posts ever. Learning Languages is one of those things that everyone seems to want to do and … Read More

Pay Off Your Student Debt: 3 Easy Strategies

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pay off your student debt 3 easy strategies

Pay Off Your Student Debt with these 3 Easy Strategies If you’re like me, you have student debt. Depending on your situation, your loans can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a soul-crushing burden. Since you are reading this, I am betting it is closer to the latter. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious when trying to … Read More

How to Create a Budget

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How to Create A Budget

How to Create A Budget: A Step-by-Step Guide Broke again? Here’s how to fix that. It’s 10 AM. No memory of getting home, a couple new numbers in your phone you vaguely recognize, the taste of tequila still lingering at the back of your throat, and a pounding headache. You grab your phone, open your banking app to survey the … Read More