Why I Travel: A Reflection

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I’ve been in Japan for one year now. It got me thinking about why I travel in the first place. People often ask me “Grant, when are you coming back?” And I never really know how to answer that. Do they mean “come back permanently” or do they mean “come back for a visit”? Maybe they just need to understand why I travel. … Read More

10 Dollar Life Lesson

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Nothing is free in life. This life lesson is no exception. I’m an easy mark. I know it. The world knows it. Play the sympathy card and I will fall for it. If you’re a poor little girl and say the money will be used for going to school, I will believe it. If you ask me to buy you … Read More

Pay Off Your Student Debt: 3 Easy Strategies

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pay off your student debt 3 easy strategies

Pay Off Your Student Debt with these 3 Easy Strategies If you’re like me, you have student debt. Depending on your situation, your loans can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a soul-crushing burden. Since you are reading this, I am betting it is closer to the latter. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious when trying to … Read More