6 Easy Ways To Boost Your Productivity

Grant KennedyLife, Random1 Comment


Let’s face it. Being productive day in and day out can be really hard, especially if you are working at a job you don’t like. The good news it is you can boost your productivity today by making these 6 easy tweaks.

1. Take Off Your Headphones

Hear me out on this. I know it is a shocking thing to say. Seriously, though. Leaving your headphones in your pocket or bag will have a huge effect on your concentration. When you are listening to music or a podcast while working or at the gym, you are splitting your focus between two things. While you may only be doing one thing, your brain is focused on two: processing the visual-tactile information of one task, and processing the audio information from another. Ditching your Beats will allow you to focus on a single task, even while running on a treadmill. I tried this myself and it has made a huge difference.

2. Turn Off the Notifications On Your Phone

How quickly do you reach for your phone when you get a notification? Each time this happens, your concentration is destroyed and it makes it harder and harder to get back in the zone. Moreover, every little notification you see releases a bit of dopamine in the brain which is basically like a hit of cocaine. Dopamine is the addiction chemical in your brain. Action Step: Turn off the notifications and schedule a time to check your social media and reply to email instead.

Here is some food for thought from Simon Sinek, Author of Leaders Eat Last:

3. Exercise Daily

Exercising daily is singularly one of the best habits you can develop for overall wellness. Endorphins, stronger immune system, confidence, sexiness AND increased focus. It’s the complete package. Start today. No one has ever regretted a workout. Need some motivation to wake up and hit the gym? Try The Rock Clock by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Trust me on this. You will never want another alarm again.

4. Make Your Bed In The Morning

This is one of the easiest ways to boost your productivity for the day. I started doing this one January 1st. It was a habit that many of my idols had in common, like Mark Zuckerberg. The reason it works is that it gives you a little win right at the start of the day. Gets you started on the right foot. I’m not talking about military-style with no wrinkles in the covers, just put your blankets back in place in a somewhat orderly fashion.

5. Make Your To-Do List The Night Before

This is a great habit that I adopted from Michael Hyatt. It doesn’t have to be a complex list. In fact, the shorter the better. Hyatt recommends just your Big 3, our 3 most important tasks for the day that will make you feel accomplished. I use Wunderlist for these and I make them before I go to bed. I make a list of the 3 things I want to do for this blog and 3 personal things I need to take care of like grocery shopping or doing laundry.

Now the Best and Most Radical…

6. Delete Social Media From Your Phone.

That’s right. Just do it. This one thing alone will boost your productivity and improve your life in general. You don’t need to delete your accounts, just don’t have the apps on your phone. Schedule sometime during the day to enjoy Facebook and Insta. Use all that time you’re going to save by doing shit that actually matters. You’ll have less stress and anxiety, be happier, AND be more productive.

Try these tips out for yourself and if you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!